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Compass Mobile


Redesigning a mobile app. 

Compass homes

Compass Homes is a mobile app that allows users to search for real estate properties to buy or rent a home.  Users can search homes in their surrounding area, explore properties and search for open houses. In 2016, we launched a new save and collaboration feature allowing users to create collections of homes and connect with others in their home search.

Role: Designer focusing on the consumer facing app. Work included UX, Prototyping and Visual Design.   I collaborated with the search and properties team as well as another mobile designer. Working together we conceived the final shipped product.




Before starting this project, the product team supported two different mobile apps catered to difference audiences, the consumer and agent. The two apps had different interfaces and search functionality. We decided that thorough this new redesign should to combine the two experiences into one app to improve our agility for iterations and feature releases.

Due to technical dependencies and resource constraints we shipped the consumer version first to align with enhancements to the consumer site. 



In combining the two user experiences, we re-evaluated the primary workflows, user stories, actions and motivations. In comparing the two personas, we segmented the app into three sections: search, collaboration and personal information (or account).



The primary features within the app were search, saving and sharing. The preceding agent app had a more robust search functionality with an advanced geographic search. Since both users wanted to be able to search in their customized ways we decided to introduce the advanced search features to consumers would limit power user filters and data to agents through user permissions.

The second two features were around collaboration: saving and sharing. Agents saved and shared homes with clients, and clients saved and share homes with friends and family and additionally agents. We branded the combination of these features as Workspace for the consumers and Clients for the agents, the main difference being that agents work access workspaces at a client aggregate level. Within the workspace agents, or consumers could save homes to a collection and share, and discuss with other users shared to that grouping of homes. 



The advanced search for consumers included the addition of features such as search suggestion, surfacing past searches, or search recommendations. Users could alternatively input zip code, neighborhood, building or address that could be further filtered by using more advanced filters. 

Within the map search, we introduced the ability to draw custom boundaries on the map. We also added the data point of property price and open houses on each map pin to add additional data to this view.



The new feature set that we introduced workspace centralized the saving and sharing of listings in a tab. User can access this space on the central navigation or through saving a listing to a collection. The paradigm was inspired by other digital products that the audience used like Pinterest. Within a listing or collection, users can invite others, curate and comment.


Feedback + iterations

Since the release of the new app in fall 2106, the workspace product has received positive user feedback and engagement of this feature is higher on mobile than on the web platform.

Agent feature enhancements are in development and an Android version is in process.