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Compass Sell


Launching an insightful experience for homeowners. 

A Sellers experience

Compass is a modern real estate brokerage combining technology and data to help users buy, rent or sell a home. As a real estate brokerage we sought to grow the business by increasing lead generation for Compass agents. In 2016, we launched a new experience targeted towards homeowners looking to sell their homes. 

Role: Product Design Lead for this product leading the research, insights, defining user stories and flows, wire framing, prototyping, visual design and post launch metric tracking and iterations. 




Uncovering the motivations of a seller.

In recent years, the popularity of real estate transactions brokered through an agent has declined. With the increase of accessible real estate data and digital tools, sellers are now armed with enough information to manage their own transactions. Our challenge was to tap into user incentives and drivers to understand process of selling a home. 

We began this project with a discovery phase to comprehend the competition and the existing industry tools available to the target audience. 



Ship quickly and iterate. 

In favor of shipping quickly, we approached each phase tactically building on our hypothesis through tracking metrics A/B tests and user behavior on site. Without access to primary users, we relied on insights from agents to uncover the motivations and incentives of existing Compass sellers. 

We started this project with designing a dedicated landing page to replace a minimal user experience. 


Insights & ideation

Through our testing efforts we gathered several user insights to inform the final product. Single step experiences outperformed multi-step and video content seemed to engage the user compared to static images. With targeted traffic utilizing Google Ad words we also learned that sellers were more likely to convert if they already had the intent to sell their homes.

Our next step was to understand the drivers behind users that were in the consideration phase of the seller lifecycle. 


Convincing USERS

We returned to agents with questions surrounding their sales pitch to sellers. What information resonated? What was the value proposition to the user? Agents told us the seller lead time was long and many sellers had already considered selling their homes for up to a year before talking to an agent. Most sellers understand that this process is lengthy and oftentimes want to understand the market better in order to determine the right time to sell their homes.  Our goal was to figure out how we could we provide relevant data to sellers to help them understand the state of the market?


MARKET insights

We worked with the data science team to identify and validate the appropriate market data to provide to sellers. Calculations were based off of sold transactions for a given region. Leveraging data endpoints created for our market insights app, we aggregated data to a zip code level to provide data at a macro level so that users could analyze trends.


We finalized user flows and moved on to visual designs to explore the representation of data. Since Compass doesn't service zip codes around the nation we had to account for a series of error and null states. I used simple figures and bar graphs to display the data since it was important to be able to show a trend over time.

user flows and designs

visual explore